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60 Day / 2 Year Limited Warranty

Items with this warranty are guaranteed against defect or failure for a period of 60 days following delivery.
Additionally, ALL electrolytic capacitors are guaranteed for a period of 2 years whether replaced or not.

In the event that your item does not arrive safely.
An insurance claim with the carrier will be filed on your behalf. (we ship mostly UPS).
We are expert packers and have very few shipping damage claims. All items are insured for their entire value.

In the event that your item does not work perfectly.
Contact us immediately to discuss repair/return options.
Everything we sell has been thoroughly re-tested prior to shipment and always leaves our shop in perfect working order.

The brands and models we sell have been selected intentionally for their durability, reliability, and longevity.
You may notice that there are some brands or models that we do not offer, this is often because we have found them to be of inferior quality or trouble prone.

In the event that you do not like your item.
For a period of 30 days following delivery you have the option to return the item for a refund minus shipping charges.
Unconditional, no questions asked.
Of course the item has to be the same one delivered, and received back in the same condition as delivered.
These returns are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee.

But wait, there's more!
Our service department is closed to new customers (and we intend to keep it that way).
The only units that we repair are those that are being prepared for sale, and those that have been previously sold.
If you buy a guaranteed unit from us, we promise to provide service for that unit.
Normal shop charges apply (contact us for details) and all shipping charges are your responsibility.
We strongly encourage you to keep the packing that came with your unit, especially the heavy ones, in the event that you need to return it for servicing.

We are here to answer all of your questions about your unit for as long as you own it.

60 day limited warranty exclusions:

The following items/conditions are not covered by any warranty:

Internal lamps, indicators and displays.
Any and all vacuum tubes including CRTs.
Switches and controls that may become noisy or intermittent (Use Them Regularly!).
Dolby noise reduction systems other than those integral to tape machines.
Power transformers and audio coupling transformers.
Amplification devices that are connected to any "home brew" speakers.
Amplification devices that are connected to speakers with non OEM replacement parts.

Damage caused by mis-use:
Do NOT plug a musical instrument into the MIC jack.
Do NOT operate the phono input without the Low Filter engaged.

Return shipping is not included for the 2 year electrolytic capacitor warranty.