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Carver M-400a power amplifier in excellent condition. It has been serviced and fully tested. Rated at 200 Watts per stereo channel into 8 ohms or 500 Watts per channel in mono configuration.

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Original Product Brochure
Original Owner's Manual

From Carver:

The Carver M-400 power amplifier is unique in electronic and mechanical design.

It is designed to provide the listener with a source of voltage and current to drive high fidelity loudspeaker systems.

It may be used as either a single-channel or dual-channel unit with very high efficiency of weight, size, heat dissipation and cost, with very low distortion and noise.

Intended for use in the home high fidelity music system, it is capable of extremely high power output with excellent loudspeaker load-drive capability.

The design has been optimized for home audio applications in which high power excursions are necessary to prevent distortion of dynamic transients, while bulk, weight, heat and price considerations have traditionally restricted use of such devices to a small number of consumers.

Efficiency has been dramatically improved by techniques which substitute electronic control for the large quantities of bulk copper, iron and aluminium required by conventional designs.

This control factor in the power supply section is augmented by amplifier design which dissipates power as required on signal demand so that heat sinking and quiescent dissipation are held to a minimum.

Distortion components typical of the more efficient traditional class AB designs are virtually eliminated by use of sliding idle current.

Comprehensive amplifier and loudspeaker protection is provided by conventional means, augmented by the controlled power-supply, which will shut down under unsafe conditions as determined by a separate sensing network.

Analog computer techniques are used to monitor operational parameters and override the normal power supply control function in the event that operating conditions become unsafe for amplifier or loudspeakers.

(Tech's Note: to say Carver's designs were Unique may be an understatement. Think of Bob Carver as the Elon Musk of Eighties Audio.
For technical reasons that I will kindly spare the reader, this amplifier does not suit itself to our usual performance tests. It has been evaluated to the best of our abilities to confirm that it is working as designed.)


Lots and Lots of Power
Stereo or Mono Operation
Peak Level/Fault Indicator

Shipping Weight: 20 Pounds
15 x 15 x 10



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