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DBX model 128 in excellent condition. This unit has been serviced and fully tested. Includes a copy of the owner's manual.

This versatile instrument combines an expander with a compressor and also includes a DBX Type II tape noise reduction system as well as the decoder for DBX encoded vinyl.

The threshold for the compressor and expander are adjustable as well as the amount of compression or expansion. It can operate in a "linear" fashion or can be set to operate only above the set "threshold". Use the expand mode to restore the dynamics of FM, vinyl or tape while simultaneously reducing noise during quiet passages. Use the compress mode to level out audio from varying sources, such as TV, or to prevent overloads. The DBX Type II noise reduction system will dramatically improve the performance of any tape machine. The many modes of operation can also be combined.

Hint: hook the 128 up to your TV sound system in Linear Compress mode. No more constantly adjusting the volume!

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Original Box


From DBX:

How would you like to make copies of records that sound better than the original? With reduced noise, and with increased dynamic range? The one machine that can do all that is the DBX 128, which combines the dynamic range enhancement features of the 118 with the tape noise reduction features of the 122.

These two combined modes permit you to expand a recorded program, then DBX ll encode the expanded material, so you can easily fit it onto tape. When played in decoded form, you'll hear what you didn't hear on the original - the realism of louder louds and quieter quiets. Moreover, you hear a lot less of something else you heard on the original - annoying surface noise.

For example, suppose you expanded a 40dB dynamic range program by a factor of 1.5, which would result in a dynamic range of 60dB. You could then process it through the DBS II tape noise reduction section of the 128, which would reduce the dynamic range to 30dB. This allows you to place the program on tape above the noise level and below saturation. When decoded, the program would have a dynamic range of 60dB, the same as the expanded original.

The tape copy would have 50% more dynamic range than the record, plus the combined benefit of reduced surface noise from the original, due to expansion, with no audible noise added by the tape recording process.

Additional features include power on/off switch, pre/post switches so you can expand material either before or after your tape recorder, in addition to DBX encoded disc playback capability. This provides you with complete front panel flexibility.



Adjustable Compressor Function
Adjustable Expander Function
Linear or Above Threshold Operation
DBX Disc Decoder
Full DBX Type II Tape Noise Reduction System
Bypass Mode
Pre/Post Enhancer Mode (Tape Outputs)

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