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Marantz model 510M power amplifier in immaculate condition with optional wood cabinet (reproduction). Rare USA made model. Rated at 250 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. Classic Marantz warmth with decade spanning reliability. This unit has been serviced and fully tested. Our original Performance Verification Report included.

The following upgrades have been made to this amplifier:

RCA Input Jacks
Speaker Output Connectors
Cabinet Feet

A Review from the era of the Model 510:

The Model 510 is one of marantz's newest amplifiers in the medium to high power range, continuing their 500 series, and its styling is typical of recent products from this company. The front panel of the basic model contains two level controls, a power switch, and peak indicators.

The unit is well made and very compact, with a large encapsulated power transformer, two filter capacitors, and the cooling tunnel occupying the majority of the chassis interior. Inside the tunnel are 16 output transistors, each having a small staggered-fin radiator, across which cooling air is drawn from a temperature-controlled two-speed fan. Mounted on either side of the tunnel are the amplifier boards, which allows the transistor pins to solder directly to the printed conductors, thereby saving both space and considerable chassis wiring. The top cover is perforated.

Several inches should be allowed atop the amplifier installation for it to draw cool air, and an opening is similarly required behind the fan for warm air exhaust. All connections are made to the rear panel. Speaker jacks are the five-way binding post type, and inputs are 1/4-inch phone plugs.

Marantz tells us their design intent on the peak load indication system was to indicate the approach of clipping on peak transients, rather than an actual clipping situation. Thus, the system should not be considered as indicating an overdrive situation, as the LEDs will light up before actual clipping. the system tracks the power supply voltage so it will always give the same warning margin that clipping is approaching, regardless of the AC power line variations. While the circuit turns on in microseconds, the "hold" portion of the circuit keeps the LEDs lit long enough so they can be seen by the eye. The system indicates an actual overload condition by staying on more or less continually. Thus, 510 users should consider occasional flashing of the LEDs as full use of the normal operating range.

The output stage and its drivers are straightforward, being similar in design to those of other high quality amplifiers currently in production. Eight output transistors are used per channel in a complimentary, series-parallel arrangement. Such a design allows the use of low voltage expitaxial base devices, giving the composite stage a very good safe operating area (especially important with reactive loads such as electrostatic speakers) and good current linearity as well.



Meter Range: Off, 0dB, +10dB, +20dB
Left Channel Gain
Right Channel Gain


Left Channel dB Meter
Right Channel dB Meter
Left Channel PEAK
Right Channel PEAK

Rear Panel:

Input Right
Input Left
Speaker Outputs (R, L)


Amplifier Shipping Weight 55 lbs. 21 x 21 x 13

Cabinet Shipping Weight 12 lbs. 21 x 21 x 11


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Marantz 510 Driver Board Refurb (X2):



Meter lamps have been changed to LEDs.