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Pro Packing



Custom crafted packing materials and double wall boxes are used on most shipments.

When an original box is included, that box is placed into another box for shipment.

In the case when both original inner and outer boxes are present, a third box is added.


When shipping items to us the same care must be taken.

Even though we provided a link to this page as well as these directions,

"We use 1 - 2 inch Styrofoam insulation cut to size to protect the
bottom, sides, front and rear. It must be packed to survive a three foot drop.

Packing Peanuts alone disintegrate under the pressure from the weight of the item
and allow it to move around in the box but should be used to fill the remaining space.

A significant amount of what is shipped to us is damaged due to poor packing, and that includes items packed by the "professionals".
The Styrofoam is available from most home improvement
stores, such as Home Depot, and is relatively inexpensive. Please wrap the item
in large bubble wrap or plastic and include any accessories such as manuals."

We received the following item:

When the package was delivered we knew we were in trouble. The box was rated at 50 pounds maximum (it's stamped on the bottom).
The victim is this case was a Sansui 9090DB receiver weighing in at 60 pounds.
Note the use of newspaper as packing material.
Let's Be Careful Out There!