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Pioneer SX-737 receiver in very good condition. There are some scratches on the top of the faceplate. Rated at 35 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 40 watts RMS into 4 ohms. It has been serviced and aligned. Includes our original Performance Verification Report and a copy of the owner's manual.

From Pioneer:

The SX-737 is a high-quality stereo receiver featuring 35 watts per channel, min RMS at 8 ohms from 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz with no more than 0.5% total harmonic distortion.

It has the power to do the job - not too much and not too little.

Pioneer's medium-powered SX-737 stereo receiver doesn't waste watts, yet it gives you the latest state-of-the-art advantages for versatility and true high fidelity performance.

The FM front end is equipped with a frequency-linear 4-gang variable capacitor and dual-gate MOS FET.

New dimension in FM reception stability is assured by its multiplex demodulator with the revolutionary PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuit, while the FM IF section is equally advanced with its 5-stage limiter and phase-linear ceramic filters.

The results in FM performance are impressive: 1.9uV (IHF) sensitivity: better than 60dB selectivity: capture ratio of 1.0dB (IHF); and stereo separation of more than 30dB over the 50 to 10,000Hz range.

Accurate high fidelity reproduction of all sounds is achieved by using a particularly precise phono equalizer in the Pioneer SX-737 - it keeps RIAA deviation within ±0.3dB.

As a stereo control center the SX-737 is hard to beat - there are two stereo pairs of tape deck connections with monitoring and tape-to-tape duplication facilities (deck 1, deck 2), a function switch to allow control of the FM and AM tuner sections, a stereo Phono, a microphone and a stereo AUX.

As a bonus, and a feature you'll appreciate all the more with use, there is a unique Recording Selector to permit you to record FM broadcasts while listening to disc reproduction and vice versa. This receiver does the job.


Rec Selector:
FM, Phono, Source, Duplicate
AM, FM, Phono, Mic, Aux

Speakers A
Speakers B
Low Filter
High Filter
Tape Monitor 1
Tape Monitor 2
FM Muting Off




Signal Strength Meter
Tuning Meter

Rear Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched
AC Outlet Switched
Phono Input (L, R)
Aux Input (L, R)
Tape Monitor 1 Out (L, R)
Tape Monitor 1 In (L, R)
Tape Monitor 2 Out (L, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 2 In (L, R, DIN
Speaker System A (L, R)
Speaker System B (L, R)

Shipping Weight 38 lbs. 25 x 21 x 13


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SX-737 Power Supply Refurb:



Also refurbished: Amplifier Section.

Meter and Dial Lamps have been changed to LEDs.