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Sansui model 9090 AM/FM Stereo receiver in excellent condition. All lettering is perfect. Acquired from the original owner. Rated at 110 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. It has been serviced and aligned. Includes our original Performance Verification Report and a copy of the owner's manual.

The weak point of the 9090 is the function switch (AM, FM, PHONO, etc.). The original design has the tuning meters and dial lights extinguish when switching to PHONO or AUX. Over time, the switch will burn out leaving no lights at all. A simple modification brings them back, but they're ON all the time. This 9090 arrived with the function switch intact. We decided to swap out the incandescent lamps for the tuning meters and dial with a new LED design that we feel maintains the original feel of the stock illumination. This modification greatly reduces the electrical current flowing through the function switch and should prolong it's life indefinitely. We have also seen the function indicators (AM, FM, PHONO, etc.) fail due to the same wear on the switch. We changed those to LEDs as well.

From Sansui:

The Sansui 9090 is a high output version of the 8080 stereo receiver with 110 watts continuous, per channel (minimum RMS) at 1000Hz both channels driven into 8 ohms, with no more than 0.2 % distortion.

It has a highly selective FM front-end, through very sophisticated electronic design.

Features include four meters: power (each channel); signal strength; tuning, power protection circuitry and LED indicator, triple tone control with turnover selectors, two tape deck terminal facilities, Dolby FM/4-channel adaptor facility, wide dynamic range from precise phono equalization system, full range of controls, connections for three sets of speaker systems and FM Multipath detection system.


Mic Level

Low Filter
High Filter
Audio Muting:
Dolby NR/4-CH Adaptor
FM Muting Off
MPX Noise Canceler
Meter Selector:
Signal, Multi-Path
Speakers: A, B, C, A+B,
Bass: 300Hz, Defeat, 150Hz
Treble: 1.5kHz, Defeat, 3kHz
Loudness: On/
Tape Play: Deck 2/Copy 1-2, Deck 1/Copy 1-2, Deck 1, Source, Deck 2, Deck 2/Copy 2-1, Deck 1/Copy
Selector: Phono, FM Auto, Dolby FM Adaptor, AM, Aux


Signal Strength/Multipath Meter
Tuning Meter
Left Channel Power Meter
Right Channel Power Meter


Phones 2

Rear Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched
AC Outlet Switched
Antenna Inputs:
FM 75 ohm, FM 300 ohm, AM
AM Ferrite Bar
Dolby NR/4-CH Adaptor Out (L, R)
Dolby NR/4-CH Adaptor In (L, R)
Pre-Out (L, R)
Main-In (L, R)
Phono (L, R)
Aux (L, R)
Tape 1 Rec (L, R)
Tape 1 Play (L, R)
Tape 2 Rec (L, R)
Tape 2 Play (L, R)
Tape 2 Rec/Play (DIN)
Speaker System A (L, R)
Speaker System B (L, R)
Speaker System C (L, R)

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Tuning Meters, Dial and Function lamps are now LEDs.

9090 Driver Board Refurb:





Also Refurbished:

Regulated Power Supply