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Sansui model CA-2000 preamplifier and Sansui model BA-2000 power amplifier in excellent condition. They have been serviced and fully tested. Includes our original Performance Verification Report for each.

The Sansui model CA-2000 is a full featured high performance control preamplifier. It features dual phono inputs, one with adjustable loading. Side I/O locations make for easy cable management.

The Sansui model BA-2000 is rated at 110 watts RMS per channel into 8 or 4 ohms.


From Sansui:

The BA-2000 is a power amplifier made to complement the CA-2000 preamplifier.

The unit features a toroidal power transformer, dual transistor differential amplifier with constant current power supply and 2 transistor current mirror circuit.


Sansui BA-2000


Left Level
Right Level


Meter Range:
X 1, X 1/10, X 1/100


Power Meter Left Channel
Power Meter Right Channel

Shipping Weight 50 lbs. 25 x 21 x 13

Sansui CA-2000


Output Selector: Off, 1, 2,
Treble: +/- 10
Midrange: +/-
Bass: +/- 10
Tone & Filter: Filter Only, Defeat, Tone &
Volume: Log dB Scale
Reverse, Normal, L+R, L, R
Tape Play: Tape-2, Source,
Copy: Source, Off, 1>2, 2>1
Input Selector: Phono 2, Phono 1, Aux-1,

Treble 8kHz
Treble 4kHz
Treble 2kHz
Bass 600Hz
Bass 300Hz
Bass 150Hz
Low Filter:
60Hz, Off, 20Hz
Hi Filter:
7kHz, Off,
Muting: Off, -20dB
Tuner: Off,




Rear Panel:

Output 1 (L, R)
Output 2 (L, R)
AC Outlet Unswitched (3)
AC Outlet Switched (2)

Side Panel:

Phono 1 Pickup Load: 30Kohm, 50Kohm, 100Kohm
Phono 1 Sensitivity: 2mV, 4mV,
Tape 2 Rec/Play (DIN)
Tape 2 Record (L, R)
Tape 2 Play (L, R)
Phono 1 (L, R)
Phono 2 (L, R)
Aux 1 (L, R)
Aux 2 (L, R)
Tuner (L, R)
Tape 1 Record (L, R)
Tape 1 Play (L, R)

Shipping Weight 30 lbs. 21 x 21 x 13


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This item includes our 60 day / 2 year limited warranty!

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CA-2000 Power Supply Refurb:



Also Refurbished: Phono Section

Over 70 components were replaced/upgraded in the BA-2000. For details go here.


Through much effort, we have devised a process that allows us to convert
the meter lamps to LEDs and maintain the classic "Sansui Bluie" illumination: