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Customer Testimonials:

"The Sansui is fantastic! Sounds incredible. It brought back a lot of good memories from my youth." (TU-717 and AU-717)

Thanks again



"Received the marantz system today. (112, 3200, 140) Great packing job. All I can say is WOW !
Looks great . My speakers come Monday. Vintage 70's Sansui. SP- 1200 solid walnut with wood lattice grill. 9.8 near mint condition. Can't wait to hear the system play."



"Got it! (Pioneer SX-950) Looks fantastic, sounds great The pictures on the website did not do this justice at all. Looks darn near new. Thanks for responding to my questions and for delivering a quality product. I've got it hooked up to some Infinity Qe's for now, darn near back in high school already....."



"...the Pioneer SA-9900/TX-9500. To say they met expectations is an understatement.

Excellent restoration and high quality sound all around. Amazing damping, had to readjust everything due to the dynamic range and ability to draw on real power. The Klipschs came back to life and the tuner sensitivity is great.

Thanks again – your craftsmanship is much appreciated.

When the next bonus comes in – I’ll be in touch…"


"FANTASTIC!!! The receiver (Marantz 2275) arrived and surpassed my highest hopes. Your description was right on the money - it is an astoundingly clean unit.
Really, I feel like I went back to 1976 with Marty McFly and brought back a brand new receiver. Even the manual is pristine - the corners weren’t even bumped."



"The Marantz 2230B arrived perfectly packaged yesterday. I fired it up and it blew me away! Sounds great with my c. 1980s Sony 3-way loud speakers. Absolutely amazing. You do great work!

Again, thank you. This equipment has found a very good home in upstate New York!"


"...I received the Sansui TU-717 tuner today. The unit looks like the day it left the factory. Perfect condition. Let me say that the tuner I was previously using was a big disappointment. It starts with Mc and we'll leave it at that.

There is a Baltimore classical station I like to listen to. It is about fifty miles from my location. Even in mono mode it never came in well. I am listening to it as I write this. It comes in like a local station. I am in a valley and have always had trouble picking up stations. This was my last attempt at analog radio.

You did a great job tuning this radio. I see some of the specs have improved from what the manual states. I will keep you in mind for further purchases."


"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the receiver (Pioneer SX-850). It is exactly as described, in excellent condition, and works perfectly. I have received so many compliments. Paired with my vintage Thorens turntable, it's an unbeatable match. Thanks again!"



"The SX-737 arrived today. Great packing, beautiful condition. I've been exercising it for the last 6 hours and it sounds excellent! I appreciate the spare lamps for the dial, the test data, the owner's manual, and your reconditioning effort. It brings back fond memories of a simpler time, and when products were built to last. All in all I'm VERY pleased."

Thank you very much,

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say a very heartfelt "thank you!" Both packages arrived and the tuner and amplifier (Sansui TU-9900, BA-2000) look fantastic! I hope other people realize what a really great and cool thing you do by keeping what are likely the best period of electronics (in my opinion) alive. I found a CA 2000 and my setup is complete! You are the best!"


"...the amp has arrived (Pioneer SX-1050). Actually arrived yesterday. Unpacked it this evening. Its perfect. Really. Nice. Packing job. Do not think it could have been better packed. I am very happy with everything. The transaction process. The customer service. The amp. The shipping, the packing. I have not yet set it up, but am very confident all is good..."

Thank you

"Received my Pioneer SA-9100 & TX-9100 tuner today - WOW is it clean and sounds fantastic. All works perfectly and looks mint. I will be adding a Pioneer PL-570 turntable tomorrow and hope too be enjoying some cool vinyl this weekend. Thank you for a sweet system, this one a keeper. I will be looking at your web site for more fantastic items. Great restoration, fair pricing, super packaging and fast delivery. One satisfied customer!"

Best Regards

"I just received and hooked up the McIntosh C-28 that I purchased from you guys and I have to relate the obvious, it just sounds great with my MC2100 amplifier. And I mean great.

The phono stage alone is almost worth what I paid for it. My vinyl sounds 10X better now than with the various pre-ample I used before.

By the way, your ratings system could use a touch up - this piece arrived in what I would consider almost new condition. It's almost hard to tell it's been used.

No doubt I'll get the upgrade bug in a year or so, but until then, thank you for the excellent communication before and after my purchase, thanks for a great piece of worthy gear.


Bill O

"The receiver just showed up - not a single ding in your excellent packing job. This beast of a box will have to wait until tomorrow for unwrapping. Very impressed."


"Now that I've had this running for awhile now, all I can say is that this (SX) 1050 is absolutely wonderful. You guys should be proud of yourselves. You bring these vintage receivers back to life. I am smiling from ear to ear that's how good this receiver sounds. Sure, I paid a bit more then I could have off of eBay but I have the satisfaction of knowing this unit is not going to crap out on me in a month from now.

Thank you so very much guys from one super satisfied customer."


"The unit arrived yesterday. Gotta say very impressed with the packing job you guys do. I wish some of my new gear arrived this way."


"The SA-1000 amp arrived today. The packaging was outstanding and there was no shipping/handling damage. The amp looks perfect cosmetically and sounds great. As always, it was a pleasure to do business with Classic Audio.Com."


"I received the SA-8100 yesterday, safe & sound. I must say that the
pictures on your site and the expression "immaculate condition" do not
accurately describe this unit once you see it in person. The
amplifier is so perfect, it is as if I just walked out of my local
"Audiouphile Store" with it in the mid-70s. I hooked it all up and
played with it for a little while and the thing just sounds clean,
quiet and simply amazing (for lack better words). Immense Thanx for
helping me as I look forward to redicovering all that old vinyl that
has been sitting in my closet for quite awhile.

Thanx again for the SA-8100 ....... It is simply breathtaking and it
really brings me back to the days in high school when I started my
audio addiction."


"I received the Sansui 9090 on December 21st. Merry Christmas to me!

Professionally boxed. My receiver arrived in perfect condition.

Just a beauty. As close to new as you can get. The LED lights really give it character. Sound quality just amazing.

Friendly helpful customer service. Extremely knowledgeable.

Thank you!"


" ... thanks so much, the C26 is just beautiful looking and sounding! You are a definite on my bookmark bar."


The package (Pioneer SX-1250) arrived, and my misgivings about ordering something of this weight/size from the other side of the country were unfounded as soon as I began the process of unpacking this monster. Actually, I have saved all the packing materials, they are ‘that good’!

Despite misgivings regarding Pay-pal, things went super smooth.

I had no idea how much better my Qb’s would sound with this unit as opposed to the 780. My LP collection has a ‘new life’. I’ve been re-listening to old favorites and hearing them for the first time. I don’t even have to have the volume ‘up’! The sound has a strength and presence that isn’t derived solely upon the listening volume, evident when I leave the room and walk to the rear of the house.

These days, it’s a rarity when one can say they are “totally satisfied” with all aspects of a purchase, but I can!

Honestly, there is a serous learning curve in learning how best to ‘drive’ the 1250, LOL! Having FM in both channels is quite an improvement! In all ways, it’s quite an advance compared to the 780; it’s as though I’ve gone from a Triumph to a Bentley.....

....thanks for providing an opportunity for many enjoyable ‘listening experiences’!"


"I received the sx-950 it looks like it's brand new.I hooked it up and deceided I needed new speakers so I purchased a set of Klipsh RF62II.The sound is fantastic.I also hooked up a sub-wofer for a little extra punch. Thanks for an easy purchase process."


"I don't know if you remember me. I bought the Sansui 9010 from you a while ago. I put it away and began using a Sansui AU-9900 that was supposed to have been recapped. From the beginning, I didn't like the sound. It lacked clarity and the bass was muddy. I thought that maybe the new caps needed time to break in. Plus, I hated the linear volume control that Sansui changed with the AU-9900A. Well, today I got fed up. I replaced the AU-9900 with the 9010 that you restored. What a difference! I don't know who your tech is, but the unit sounds incredible: Clear, clean sonics with plenty of bass. And the bass sounds powerful and clear. I realize now that I was ripped off on the AU-9900. The guy probably didn't even check the DC bias current and offset. After I bought it, I found out that a high school kid recapped it.

There's no substitute for an experienced technician. Restoring vintage equipment is an art that takes years to master. It's not a matter of just slapping some parts in. So I want to thank you for this beautiful Sansui 9010.

Please feel free to use this as a letter of recommendation. Put in on your web site or anywhere you please. I want to save someone from making the same costly mistakes that I made. Warning: do not buy a vintage unit that was restored by an amateur."



"The Marantz 2325 is in excellent condition!! I am very pleased. You are providing a rare service with your clear pictures, open communication, and honest approach, not to mention the complete servicing of these old beauties! I have very much enjoyed your customer service and would recommend your company to anyone interested in classic audio equipment. Your approach to success is dead on, don't change a thing."


"I just received the SX-1050 today, and I have been listening to it all afternoon. It looks and sounds like it just came out of the box brand new in 1977!!! This is the vintage sound that I remember from "back in the day". Excellent! Thank you."


"All arrived in perfect shape! (Marantz 250, 3300 and 120)

The sound is stunning! I could not be happier.

Thanks so much, you have truly been a pleasure to deal with."


"I recieved the AU/TU 717 today and all I can say is FREAK'IN AWSOME, I just recapped my Klipsch KG-4's and put in Titianium tweeters from Crites, It's like being in 1978 only better. It's been good doing business with you."


"The Technics (ST-9030) arrived safely earlier is hooked up and sounding fine. I can once again receive my favorite classical station...upstairs...only my Sansui 8080 could get it before..."


"Holy crap....

I'd forgotten what these things sounded like - unreal. You did an outstanding job on this one, very, very cool - thanks man." (SX-950)


"Received the Sansui (AU-717) in excellent condition, thank you for your recommendation. Sounds great."


"The TU9900 arrived today. As beautiful as advertized."


"The Marantz arrived safely. Thanks for the great packaging. I played it through my Sansui 771, and my old Bic Venturi Formula 4 speakers. Great sound. Stereo as it should be. Thanks for keeping these great products alive."


"....the receiver arrived today and I am pleased beyond words. When you
say it is in "very good" condition, you are understating just a bit!
The condition of this unit is beyond my expectations.

Once again, I am hearing all of the music all of the time. The bass is
tight, the highs are not muffled and the midranges are not harsh. My
high performance 1970's speakers are alive again, and I don't have to
turn the volume way up to hear the music.

Thank you.... You have a customer for life." (Pioneer SX-850)


"The Tu-717 arrived monday afternoon , Hooked it up tuesday
morning , No problems plays GREAT !!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!"


"Unit has arrived and is superb, could not be happier." (Sansui 881)

Dr. P

"The SX-1250 has arrived safely in Saskatoon. Much sooner than I expected so I was pleasantly surprised when UPS knocked on my door. Your packaging worked very well.

I want to sincerely thank you for going over this machine to ensure that it performs with the original glory of it's design. There are so many people out there flipping these units on EBay for profit without a care about the satisfaction the buyer will have. Your operation stands head and shoulders above that world.

On another note I did get my best vinyl ready for it's premiere debut in Canada. Fleetwood Mac's "White Album", Heart's "Dreamboat Annie", Eagle's "One These Night's", Gary Wright "The Dream Weaver" and Wings "At The Speed of Sound". The fabulous music you might have heard from the north end of town was me. My only regret is that I waited this long to own one of these units.

Once again thank you for providing me with the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent machine and keep up the good work restoring these machines so they will continue to be enjoyed rather than forgotten."


"...just wanted to tell you that the 1050sx arrived in good shape. The unit looks new, and is in even better shape than advertised!! Thank you, for all your help, and I will certainly recommend Classicaudio to all my audiophile friends!!"



"Not a question but an acknowledgement that my Concord DBA-10 arrived safe and sound and, without any hookup yet still lights and the meters seem to indicate a stable test tone is produced. The unit is squeaky clean and in beautiful shape. The original operating manual is as close to brand new as could be expected and it was almost like going to the Concord dealer (which wasn't possible because I was somewhere between age 4 and first grade)! I appreciate the work you did outside and wouldn't doubt the INSIDE will follow suit.

Anything I can afford from you would not meet hesitation."


"I've been travelling so have just returned home and had a chance to unpack the Kenwood pre-amp L07C that you sent - it's in perfect condition and works like a dream - many thanks for the great service,"


"Just wanted to let you the speakers arrived today, and boy do they
sound wonderful. Thanks for doing a great packing job!" (Klipsch Heresy)

Ann K.

"Just wanted to say Thank you for the Pioneer reciever that I recieved yesterday. It was packed very well, Super Job.I'm sure i'll enjoy my quad records for many more years."


"The CT-800 arrived yesterday in fine condition, thanks to an excellent packing job. The tuner looks and--most importantly--sounds great in my system. Thanks for your outstanding srevice and a great vintage tuner."


"I was so busy with relatives Friday and Saturday I have just today got to open up the (RT) 707. It sounds and looks great. You obviously care about the products you sell. Thanks."


"received the sansui yesterday. It arrived unharmed. I fired it up, and it sounds great. I'll be looking to get more from you guys in the future! thanks"


"Hi, my sansui TU 9900 arrived safely, extremely well packaged and pleasantly surprised with the reproduction of the manual as well. Already enjoying my one and only remaining classical station here in NY. Thank you for a very professional job."


"Been listening to the SX-950 for a week and couldn't be happier with it- Your rating of very good condition was conservative- looks excellent to me-pleasure doing business with you and hope to again - the entire transaction was smooth and easy- Thanks,"


"Perfect packing, perfect product. I am marveling over the condition of this little amp! This series design?is very pretty, w/ a unique chassis, too.

I'll be checking your site again soon. Thanks a lot!"


"I just received my Pioneer 8000A and just wanted to let you know how the condition exceeded my expectations. It is perfect. Clean, like new, all the controls work great, no static, sounds great and at a reasonable price! You guys provide a great service. Just wanted to let you know."


"Just wanted to let you know I received the Marantz 2220B I ordered and all I can say is wow! Looks absolutely brand new and even better it sounds fantastic. I will be purchasing from Classic Audio again!"



"You were right, I'm certainly not disappointed, and definitely feel
like I got my money's worth. Absolutely beautiful gear. That 9090 is
a wonderful piece, and sounds fantastic. As nice as it is though, I
think the AU-7700/TU-7700 combo may be my favorite, they look like
new, just stunning condition including the packaging & paper work and
sound sweet as well. In case you can't tell, I'm very satisfied.
Thanks again."



"Package arrived as scheduled. Excellent packing job and the manual and sales materials were much more than I expected. I'm very pleased! Have it running in the other room and I'd forgotten how good these old analog amps can sound. Just amazing."


"I received the SX 850. It sounds as great as I remember.

More than that, I have very much appreciated your professionalism. The unit was as perfect as you described and the packing was absolutely professional. Doing business with you has been a pleasure. I look forward to working with you again in the future (and to recommending your services to others). Thanks, man."


"...the Pioneer reciever arrived today. Packing was excellent and the unit is exactly as described. I've go it powered up and everything works 'like new'. The FM reception is outstanding - they just don't make them like this any more! It was a pleasure doing business with you again."


"I received the amp Friday of last week and set it up last night (McIntosh MC-2205). It
arrived in perfect condition. It is an impressive piece of equipment
and easily handles my ML4s. The only problem is now I think I may need
another one!



"The receiver arrived today in fine shape (SX-828). That was am excellent job of packaging! I hooked it up and have been enjoying the musice for the last several hours.

Many thanks, you made an old man very happy."


"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the SX-850 I purchased from you a couple weeks back. I've had a chance to listen to now for over a week and it really is a significant upgrade from my old SX-680, which I loved for 30 years. The unit is absolutely gorgeous (looks mint to me), everything functions correctly, and the sound is just what I had hoped it would be. Not sure why the old 70's era gear sounds so much warmer to me, but it just does. I'm very glad to have a new vintage piece that I know has been bench tested and functions perfectly. That peace of mind is worth every penny spent. Very impressed by my experience with Classicaudio. Thanks Again."


"The deck arrived today in great shape (Sansui SC-5330). It's quite a stunning looking deck and I'm really pleased with it. Thank you."


"Received the Sansui turntable yesterday and am very pleased! Thanks for packing everything nice and clean. The table is performing beautiful! Nice doing business with you."


"just wanted to say the Mitsubishi amp and tuner/preamp arrived in great shape. BTW an excellent packing job. The amp is set up and working fine. The two amps together make for a nice setup"


"just a note to let you know the SG9500 EQ arrived yesterday afternoon.It is a beautiful piece.I got it installed with my other 9500 series pieces-Wow!It works great! Thanks again,and I'll keep checking your site for more great pieces.Have a great day"


"I just wanted to thank you for the 2270 - it is an absolute beast! The receiver is in outstanding condition and sounds incredible, bringing out the best in both my vinyl and AM/FM listening. I have recommended your site to several people already, and don't be surprised to see me buy something again! Keep up the great work!"

Thanks again -- Mark

"The MR-67 arrived last week Thursday. I could not be more pleased
the packing was excellent and the unit looks better than I had hoped.
This is my first MR-67 and I am very impressed with the sound it makes a
very sweet sounding contrast to my Tandberg 3011. Thanks again."

"The SX showed up Monday and it is superb! Thanks!"


"Hi, i just bought a sansui 8080db and it arrived monday. IT IS AWESOME!. Just as described and well packaged. Thanks alot."

"The Reciever got here and it is in great condiction! It looks just like new.Thanks for all the lititure that you sent with it. Your service is was absoulutly first rate and I would recomend you to anyone looking for vintage audio! It was an absoulute joy dealing with you and all my expections were surpassed."

Thanks again Larry

"Thought you'd like to know I received the SX-828 yesterday. I'm amazed at the quality of the unit you shipped - it looks brand new, as though it had arrived from a time machine after 35 years! It looked good in the pix, but it is in better condition than I had hoped for. The FM section sounds great and has a totally silent background, obviously a well aligned unit.

You can be sure I'll refer anyone I know who is looking for an older stereo system to your site."


"I wanted to thank you for the KA-9100. It's in near perfect condition cosmetically and operates flawlessly. I have already recommended you to some friends and would be happy to do business with you again in the future. ....Thanks again, this amp is georgous. It pleases me just to look at it!"


"The receiver arrived today. When you said it's in excellent condition, you weren't kidding!
I just bought, locally, a near-new Technics SA-101 (I love these entry-level models) and the Akai's condition is a close match.
FM reception is great, as is CD playback."


"I got the Yamaha CR-1020 today in good shape after it's long trip across the country. It appears to be exactly as in the photographs. Thanks for packing it well! I've only had a little while to check it out so far but it appears to work perfectly with FM and my turntable.

Thanks for everything. Have a great New Year!"


"Well, I finally got the receiver hooked up Friday evening. Everything seems to work great. I have not used the aux input yet. The FM and phono sections sound even better than I expected. Its been 25+ years since I last heard one of these Marantz receivers, and I had forgotten what I was missing."


"Just wanted to let you know that the Marantz arrived in good shape. It's been set up at grandmother's and she is just overwhelmed as was I with its quality. Even with her Bose bookshelf speakers, the sound is fabulous and she is able to pull in all of her favorite radio stations on both AM and FM as well as play her favorite tapes and cd's.

Everything that was advertised about the reciever was certainly accurate and exceptional.

Thanks for the fast shipping and the great communication. I certainly will be doing business with you again in the future."


"I received the gear 10/8 in good shape. Really nice stuff. As advertised. Great sounding equipment. Thank you again."


"Got the 1050 a few days ago. Sounds amazing, and it's in great shape. Thanks again".


"the Sansui amp and tuner (AU-717, TU-717) arrived this afternoon. They were very well packaged and arrived with no handling damage at all. Both units are exactly as described and sound fantastic. The tuner is the best I''ve ever heard.
FYI, I'm matching these with a pair of Snell K.5 monitors, a Velodyne sub, and my other sources besides the tuner are a vintage Luxman turntable and a Yamaha CD player.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I will keep your website in my favorites as I would definately buy from you again."



"Good Morning! Received both the Marantz 2235 + Pioneer SX-636 yesterday. Am VERY pleased. Am looking forward to future purchases. Best of luck in the future."


"The amp (Pioneer SA-7500) arrived yesterday. I set it up yesterday and it seems to work fine ... I haven't had a chance to check out every input channel but the aux input certainly is OK, and all the controls work. And by the way it sounds fabulous!! I am using it to drive a pair of B+W bookshelf speakers, which are more than 20 years old themselves. With the "modern" receiver I had been using to drive the B+W's, the hiss noise was unbearable. This 30-year-old Pioneer amp has virtually no noise floor, and effortless power. It really does sound good. I have to admit I was rather nervous buying used electroics over the internet, but I would recommend to anyone who is loves well-built gear."



"...I received the Sansui 9090DB on 6/8/07. It's a beautiful receiver and came with no shipping damage... A pleasure doing business with you!"

thanks, Dan

"Got beautiful condition. Well packed and pristine.

Thanks for the high quality service."


"Thanks for the great service and the great product! My Marantz 2275 arrived in as close to perfect condition as anyone could expect! The awesome thing about buying from classic audio is the fully operational condition of these incredible vintage units. The sound and performance are beautiful! I had spent many an hour listening and looking at Marantz, Yamaha, and many other brands of higher end equipment when i was a teenager in the mid to late 70's. I sure didn't make enough money to buy much of it, but the salesmen were very patient with me, something you probably wouldn't find these days. It's just such a satisfying thing to be able to purchase these wounderful pieces of equipment 30+ years later and have them sound so good. Thanks again, I will be a customer for life."


"The Sansui 7070 arrived this afternoon, and just got it hooked up for the customary
shakedown cruise. The cabinet still has the rubber feet on the bottom! So far the
receiver is exactly as advertised and I haven't run across anything unusual yet. I
have it hooked up to a pair of really sharp Sansui SP-1500 speakers that I picked
up at a garage sale earlier this month, and the 7070 is perfectly suited to drive
them, and it's a sweet retro system base to flesh out with additional gear in the

My first observation was that FM tuner section on this old thing is just fantastic,
clearly tuning in a few stations that I could not receive without annoying static
on another tuner (with the *same* basic dipole antenna). Now I can listen to those
formerly static-laden, weak stations clearly, and in stereo. Whoever designed and
built that tuner section knew their stuff, and the same goes for your staff that
recently aligned the tuner."


"I received my 2020 yesterday and all I can say is, VERY IMPRESSIVE!

As I told you before, I'm rebuilding my old system and in doing so, I picked up a couple of units (cassette & 8 track decks) on e-bay. I must say, I may have gotten them a little cheaper, but there is by NO MEANS, the quality that I received from you!!!! Neither one worked without repair, and the cost of freight was outrageous.

I highly recommend your products and if anyone thinks that your prices are a little higher than what they would like to spend.....think again!!

Well worth every penny! Impressive from the "documentation of service" right down to the packaging.

Thank you again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future."


"I received the stereo yesterday (SX-939). Although I haven't listened to it yet, if
the condition of the exterior is any indication of how it will sound, it
will be amazing. Oh what memories this has brought back.

If you get or have another Pioneer sx series (prior to the silver age) of
this level, let me know. My brother is envious."

Thanks again.


"Thanks for the good service,i received the 950 on Wednesday and it was well packed and in good condition.It sounds great and is in excellent condition as you stated.I am glad to know there is a reliable source for classic audio as i would not take a chance on buying through ebay.I have some ess amt1b speakers and the 950 sounds pretty good with them."



I don't know how classic audio works but honestly if you ever need a letter ... let me know!!!

This unit you classified as very good. Well... I am a cynic as a rule.. And I never class anything above it's due but Geeze. This unit is in Excellent condition, you can argue it with me later.

Thanks Again I will look and Buy again!!"

"P.S. Packaging was great too!"

"Just wanted to say that I received the Pioneer SX 850 about two weeks
ago. It sat on my floor unopened for those two weeks because I was so
busy with my work that I didn't even have time to open it and try it
out. But now I have, and I must say it's a beauty! I appreciate the
secure packing that you did and the excellent work that you did getting
the unit back up to specs. I can see why this model gets so many raves
from vintage enthusiasts. I have at this point tried out all the
functions and inputs and outputs and everything works like a dream.
(I'm using it with a Dual 1219 turntable, a couple of tape decks, and a
laptop computer (not exactly retro, that last item!)

Thanks again for the great service, the honest advertising, the secure
shipping, and the great restoration work on the unit that I bought."


"The Marantz table arrived today, very fast shipping, thanks! it's in better than expected condition."


"Well the 2235B arrived today.I got it all connected and it sounds great.Everything works and it looks like new.I'm very pleased."


"The McIntosh came today. Looks really nice. I was worried the cabinet wouldn't have the Panlocs-but there they were ! Great packing."


"Got the mc250 today. It's in great shape and sounds wonderful with my Klipsch Cornwalls. Better than anything else I've plugged into them so far......Thanks for the great service and communication!"

"I was in such a hurry I forgot to mention what a nice job you did on the manual and the packing. I really appreciate this level of service, especially in todays world."


"Just wanted to let you know the Phase Linear Sound System came in today and man do those babies look good. Man they look new. WOW!!"


"What wharehouse did you find these units out of ? ? They look like they are brand new. They look marvelous. I am using my magnifying glass to find any scratches. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN."


"I received the receiver yesterday. It is beautiful! Thanks a lot."

-Chris V.

"The MC2100, (S/N 25W60) arrived yesterday. It is difficult to believe that this amp is 30-35 years old."


"I received the amp on Monday and the case arrived today. Both are in excellent condition as described on your website. I would be interested in buying another power amplifier directly from you again after you went through it and tested it. Please keep me in mind if you come across another Marantz 250 or bigger (a 510 would be great!) that is in excellent condition. Thanks for the honest deal."


"The 8080 arrived today, safe and sound, and well packed. It looks great, and better yet it sounds great! It takes me back to my younger days! The only problem is that it seems to have weathered the years better than I have!"

Thanks alot, Jim

"the mr 74 arrived looks to be new out of the box.i am very pleased!"


"I spent last night listening to the sansui matched integrated and tuner!!!!
I used them with Spica TC-50s and they are smooth and easy to listen to - wonderful. The antenna I used on the tuner was a wire circle on 1 foot of twin lead and I actually listening to radio?!! This is the best tuner performance I've ever had. I will now listen to radio again for the first time in quite a while. Thanks."


"The Adcom arrived today,right on time...everything is in pristine
condition...I have been a Delivery Driver for U.P.S. the past 27
years,and I have to say that your packaging is the BEST I've ever none."

Thanks again,


"The MR-71 arrived on Friday. It looks and sounds great. There were no
surprises - I impressed with how clean the tuner is, all lettering is intact
and there are no signs of wear. I am impressed with how well built McIntosh
products are. Your double boxed packing was excellent. Thanks for the
quick service. Best wishes to you and Classicaudio."



I just received my Marantz 2252B, and it's great.
It's like à brand new one, nothing bad and a great sound of Marantz that I always like.
Thank you very much for this.
You have à good site and I think it's important to have those old stéréo sound systhems to sell in very good shape.
thank you again."


"Just a note to let you know that the Sansui 9090 I bought from you about 2 years past still sounds great. It's in the bedroom and doesn't get used as much as the living room system but I treasure it. As a matter of fact my brother in law sells high end stereo in Florida and when he was visiting a few months ago I floored him when he saw that reciever."



"Marantz 2270 receiver arrived last week in good shape. Very happy with it. It is in even better shape than you described and sounds wonderful, almost tube-like. It sounds better than my new $1,600 Marantz SR 8200 latest model Home Theatre receiver."



"I received the Pioneer SX-7730 in the mail today. It was packed well and in good shape. The unit is as you described it. It really looks cool! I gave it a good cleaning and hooked it up. Wow! Sounds great! The tuner performs better than the Onkyo digital tuner I have!
Thanks a lot. Now all I need are some HPM 100's or CS-77A's! Some Klipsch Heresey's would be nice too."

Thanks again,

"hello sir

im very happy with your whole process packing fantastic, product superb nary a scratch, i
havent hooked it up yet but i cant imagine any major issues with it, ill close by saying your a top notch
class act"


"Sorry for the delayed response, I was out a few days. I did get the SX 1050 ( I forget if it was Tuesday or Wednesday) anyways, it looks and works great. I am waiting for the new speakers and FM antenna I ordered to compliment the situation."

Thanks, Steve