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From the original owner:

Yamaha model CA-810 integrated amplifier in excellent condition. Rated at 70 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. It has been serviced. Includes our original Performance Verification Report.

Yamaha model CT-810 tuner in excellent condition. Features Yamaha's OTS (Optimum Tuning System) and built in record calibration tone. It has been serviced and aligned. Includes our original Performance Verification Report.

Sold as a set only.

Also Included with this Item:

Original Manual for the CT-810
Original 4 Page Color Brochure for the CT-810
Original Manual for the CA-810
Original 4 Page Color Brochure for the CA-810

From Yamaha:

When you have musicians and audio engineers speaking the same language the result is full natural sound fidelity, plus innovative features which translate directly into improved tonality or operating convenience.

Yamaha's insistence on total music performance, not just isolated specs, is behind a revolutionary new approach to audio component design; one that gives the CA-810 integrated amplifier (as well as all other models in the line) music fidelity audibly superior to many separate preamp and power amplifier combinations.

Instead of putting our development muscle into the power amp section alone, Yamaha engineers paid the same attention to every section, including the phono equalizer and preamp stages.

By designing each section to the same high standards we made sure there are no weak links in the CA-810; at the same time we matched each section from its very first design stages to the others, so they all work together for superb music fidelity.

The CT-7000, a super sophisticated audio component for the spare no expenses audiophile, first astonished fans and experts with Yamaha's advanced tuner technology, novel features, and ultra low distortion natural sound.

Now, in the CT-810, the spin off from our CT-7000 development program makes the same performance advantages available to a far wider circle of fans.

The unusual CT-810 front end circuitry and components pick up the most distant, low signal strength stations with surprisingly high signal to noise ratio, excellent stability, and rejection of all forms of interference.

This pays off in a much wider choice of stations, and greatly increased listening enjoyment.

And not even powerful local stations can seriously overload the CT-810, so that reception is uniformly good in any area.

The front end keeps the incoming signal clean and clear of external interference, and the IF stage is specially designed to prevent internally generated spurious signals from degrading quality.




Bass: +/-

Off, A, B,
Subsonic Filter: Off/15Hz
High Filter: Off/
Bass: 500/Defeat/
Audio Muting: Pre Out Off/0dB/-20dB
Mode: Stereo/
Phono Selector: Phono-2 47k Ohm, Phono-3 MC, Phono-1 47k Ohm, Phono-1 68k Ohm, Phono-1 100k Ohm
Record Out Selector: Aux, Tuner, Off, Phono, Copy
Input Selector: Aux, Tuner, Phono, Tape 1, Tape


Left Channel
Right Channel Power

Rear Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched (2)
AC Outlet Switched
Antenna Inputs:
300 ohm balanced, 75 ohm unbalanced, coaxial.
Phono 1 (L, R)
Phono 2 (L, R)
Phono 3 MC (L, R)
Aux (L, R)
Tape 1 Playback (L, R)
Tpae 1 Record (L, R)
Tape 2 Playback (L, R)
Tape 2 Record (L, R)
Pre-Out (L, R)
Main-In (L, R)
Speaker Out A (L, R)
Speaker Out B (L, R)

Shipping Weight: 40 Pounds 20 x 20 x 12




Noise Reduction:
Dolby FM Adapter/Off/High Filter
FM Muting: 30uV/3uV/Off
Rec Cal, FM Mono, FM Auto, AM


Signal Strength/Quality Meter

Rear Panel:

FM Detector Out
Output (L, R)
Dolby Adapter In (L, R)
Dolby Adapter Out (L, R)
75 Ohm
300 Ohm

Shipping Weight: 23 Pounds



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