Marantz 4400

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 Akai 4000D Reel to Reel 
 Akai M-10 Reel to Reel
 Akai X-150D Reel to Reel
 Akai X-200D Reel to Reel
 Akai X-330 Reel to Reel
 Akai X-1800SD Reel to Reel
 Akai Receivers
 Akai Reel to Reels
 Bang and Olufsen 4002
 Bose 501 Speakers
 Dokorder 8010A Reel to Reel
 Dual 1249
 ESS Speakers
 Fisher 500TX Receiver
 Fisher 701 Receiver
 Infinity Speakers 1
 Infinity Speakers 2
 Kenwood KA-7300
 Kenwood KC-6060
 Kenwood KR-7070
 Kenwood KR-9600
 Kenwood KT-7000
 Kenwood Receivers
 Klipsch Klipschorn Speakers
 Maxell Tape
 Panasonic Components
 Phase Linear 200 System  
 Phase Linear 700II
 Pioneer CT-F9191
 Pioneer HPM-100
 Pioneer Speakers
 Sherwood SEL-400
 Sony Receivers
 Teac A-400
 Ultralinear Speakers