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Sansui QS-500

Quadphonic Synthesizer



Power Output: Rear speakers only, 33 Watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms.


Rear Speakers: Off, System A, System B, System
Rear Volume
Level Set:
Front Balance
Main Balance
Rear Balance


Function: 2 Channel, Solo, Concert Hall 1, Concert Hall 2, Surround Normal, Surround Right Quarter Turn, Surround Half Turn,
Tape Monitor 4 Channel:
Tape Monitor 2 Channel: Source/


Left Front Level VU
Right Front Level VU
Left Rear Level VU
Right Rear Level VU

Rear Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched
AC Outlet Switched
Front Amp From Rec Out (L, R)
Front Amp To Tape Mon (L, R)
Tape Monitor 2-CH Rec (L, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 2-CH Mon (L, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 4-CH Rec (L, R, F, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 4-CH Mon (L, R, F, R, DIN)
Speakers A (L, R)
Speakers B (L, R)