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 Carver Stereo Equipment  112024
 Crown Stereo Equipment  111824
 Marantz 2235B, 2250B, 2275  052324
 Marantz Stereo Equipment  110624
 McIntosh Stereo Equipment  110524
 Nikko Alpha Beta Gamma Components  062024
 Phase Linear Stereo Equipment  052824
 Phase Linear 1200 Series Two Real Time Analyzer   062824
 Pioneer SPEC-1 and SPEC-4  063024
 Wanted Phase Linear Buying  062624
 Yamaha NS-200Ma Speakers  111524
 Yamaha NS-500M Speakers  111524
 Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor Speakers  061624

They work!

"Please cancel my Wanted ad for Sansui 9090DB speaker relay #1150390. Your ad worked extremely well and I now have the exact relay. Thanks!"

"I placed an a wanted ad for a Sansui 9090DB power transformer. With-in two days I had a response from a super guy in RI.
Please remove my wanted ad.
Thank you"
"Sucess----I got my FM TUNING meter for my Marantz 2270 thanks to your "Wanted" list-----from a nice guy in Canada! Many thanks"
"The ad has resulted in successfully obtaining the parts I sought. You may cancel the advertisement, it is no longer needed. Great results!! Thanks for this - I don't know how I ever would have found the parts I needed. Isn't the internet grand? Regards,"
"I placed an add in your Wanted section for a Sony STA-7B and I just found it. GREAT"
"Hi, just wanted to let you know your "Wanted Dead or Alive" service is AWESOME. I've only had the ad on a week and already I have a contact and made arrangements to get what I needed...the fact that you offer this service so affordably makes it all the more valuable! Keep up the great work and thanks again!"
"I found a (Luxman) DC 113 from my want ad on your site. Please remove the ad.
Great service."

"I must ask you to remove my wanted ad for a Kenwood M2A Amplifier. Someone saw it and I am purchasing it so this ad did it's job in only a few short days. Thanks for a great site."

"Thank you. I wanted to let you know that I was on your site
refreshing the page when I saw my ad come up. You will not believe this but
I went directly to my email account and already had a response to my wanted ad.
I am sure this is not typical but I wanted to net you know that this response came to me within 2 minutes of the posting!"

"You can remove my want ad for this rare item as I have had a successful response.
(McIntosh MI-200AB Manual)
Thanks for this priceless service to the Classic Audio community."

"Please cancel my ad for the Panasonic SE-2510,
as you have once again found the part I needed'."

"Please cancel my ad for the Marantz IA2232SB, as your site found the unit for me.
Thanks so much for the help!"

"...wanted to have you drop the Marantz 6300 Turntable ad
for me. That ad worked and I now have a nice 6300 turntable..."
"HI, I now have a schematic diagram thanks to your site. Remove
ad whenever convenient. (marantz 240, 250 schematic).Keep up the
good work."
"Thanks for your help. You can cancel the listing since I have a response." (Marantz 8 schematic)

"Please remove my "Wanted" ad for Rectilinear research speakers from your
listing. Through help and tips I recieved by way of your site, I was able
to snag a pair of R 3's. Thank you! I never really expected to own a pair
of these baby's, and now I do!"