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Bang and Olufsen Beogram 4002 in very good condition. It has been serviced and fully tested.

Includes the MMC 6000 cartridge, four Audio Technica AT605 Audio Insulator feet with bubble level, a copy of the owner's manual and the service manual.


33 and 45 Speeds
Low Mass Tone Arm
Linear Tracking
Fully Automatic
Classic B&O Design

Shipping Weight: 40 Pounds


From The Web:

The Beogram 4002 is an electronically controlled stereo record player with tangential arm. The unit utilizes a belt drive system to control the record deck. Thanks to the incorporation of advanced electronics, several advantages were gained from this new concept in record-players: high specification, supreme automation of all functions and the most gentle treatment of records. The tangential arm moves the pick-up in a straight line towards the center of the record, reducing tracking error to a mere 0.04%. Rotation of the turntable is governed by a synchronous motor which is power-driven via a stabilized oscillator which makes it independent of line voltage and frequency fluctuations. Wow and flutter is less than ± 0.05 % and rumble better than 65 dB. DIN B weighted. A photocell in the record-player's second arm registerers the size of the record and the speed at which it should be played. Advanced electronics govern the actions of the pick-up arm: lifting, lowering, etc. However, the record-player can be operated manually by use of the large "easy-touch" control plate. Operation of the record deck is very easy as all functions are governed by computer logic circuits. With its tangential detector arm that is parallel to the linear tracking tonearm, the unit can sense the size and speed of the record to be played and lower the stylus into the lead-in groove. It has cueing controls to raise and lower the tonearm to where you want it on the record. If there was no record on the turntable and you pushed START, it will not lower the stylus on the turntable. Manual selectors to determine the speed of the record player are incorporated; however, the turntable is fully automatic so all you have to do is put on the record and press START.

Bang & Olufsen's Beogram 4002 turntable was awarded the 'Gold Sim 74' and 'Top Form 74' prizes in the category of electro-mechanics.



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