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Kyocera R-661 receiver in excellent condition. Rated at 70 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms. It has been serviced and aligned. Includes the original box and our Performance Verification Report.

Kyocera DA-610 CD player in excellent condition. It has been fully tested. Includes the original box.

Kyocera RC-101 remote control interface in excellent condition. It has been fully tested. Included are the necessary cables, one remote and the infared extender unit. Includes the original box.

These three items were acquired from the original owner. Only the box for the receiver is shown. Sold only as a set.

Kyocera? Yes, they make cell phones today. In the mid 1980's they dabbled in high end audio equipment. Perhaps "dabbled" is the incorrect word, they produced a ceramic turntable that retailed for $3500.00, the PL-901.
These pieces retailed for the following:
R-661 Receiver $900.00
DA-601 CD $550.00
RC-101 Remote Interface $500.00

Also available is the matching D-611 cassette deck. It is in good condition and also interfaces with the RC-101 remote control system. Original box not included.

(Tech's Note: The digital tuners in these receivers are some of the few I have any respect for. They will compete with the best of the analogs.)



7 Tuner Presets
MC or MM Phono Input
Narrow IF Mode
Tone Defeat Mode
2 Aux Inputs
2 Tape Monitor Loops
Pre-Out/Main-In Jacks

Shipping Weight: 40 Pounds 23 x 21 x 10


Headphone Jack
Timer Mode

Shipping Weight: 25 Pounds 23 x 18 x 8


3 Switched AC Outlets
1 Unswitched AC Outlet
External Remote Sensor Input

Shipping Weight: 20 Pounds 23 x 18 x 7



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