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Yamaha model CR-820 receiver in very good condition. Rated at 50 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms and 60 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms. It has been serviced. Includes a copy of the owner's manual and our original Performance Verification Report. There is a slight blemish on the left side of the cabinet. Please see pictures below.

From the product brochure:

Enjoying novel and useful features, the CR-820 receiver combines super broadcast reception with the finest audio quality, and is currently setting new standards for receiver performance in it's class.

Accurately matched performance specifications, functions and controls give overall performance which fully measures up to Yamaha's high tuner, pre and power amplifier standards.

The CR-820 offers an extremely wide range of output power for which both noise and distortion are below the rated value, for wide dynamic range in actual use.

Both signal strength and centre-zero meters are provided, with the signal strength meter doubling as a signal quality meter on FM.

Natural sound FM/AM stereo receiver, wide range output meters, ultra low distortion FM section with NFB-PLL-MPX and OTS, completely independent recording and audition.



Speakers A
Speakers B
Low Filter
High Filter
Mode: Stereo/
FM Muting/OTS (Optimum Tuning System): On/Off FM Mono
Tuner: AM/FM
Phono: 1/
Audio Muting: -20dB
Record Out Selector: Tape Copy 2>1, Tape Copy 1>2, Tuner, Phono, Aux
Input Selector: Tape 2, Tape 1, Tuner, Phono,


Signal Q
Tuning Meter

Rear Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched (2)
AC Outlet Switched
Antenna Inputs:
300 ohm balanced, 75 ohm unbalanced, coaxial.
AM Ferrite Bar
Phono 1 (L, R)
Phono 2 (L, R)
Aux (L, R)
Tape 1 Playback (L, R)
Tpae 1 Record (L, R)
Tape 2 Playback (L, R)
Tape 2 Record (L, R)
Speaker Out A (L, R)
Speaker Out B (L, R)

Shipping Weight: 32 Pounds


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