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Carver stereo equipment - I am interested in buying the following Carver (Bob Carver Corporation) stereo equipment & prefer them to be in good working order (I will also consider units in need of repair or non-working/"Dead" ones if you will as well) & in excellent to mint cosmetic condition. Below is a list of the items of my interest.

Carver stereo equipment wanted:

DTL-200 CD Player

TX-2 (With faceplate that includes handles), TX-11, TX-11a & TX-11b Tuners

C-1, C-6 & C-4000 Preamplifiers

C-500, M- 0.5t, M- 1.0t, M -1.5t, M- 4.0t & M-500t Amplifiers.

If you have any, a portion or even all of the above mentioned pieces please e-mail me with condition & price.


Randy L. Schneider


Randy L. Schneider
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