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Sansui model AU-999 integrated amplifier in excellent condition. Acquired from the original owner. Rated at 50 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. This unit has been serviced and fully tested. Our original Performance Verification Report included as well as a copy of the operating/service manual.

The AU-999 is a classic example of Sansui's commitment to quality. It features triple tone controls all of which are resistor-step design with defeat mode. Rear panel level adjustments for both phono inputs and the aux input. Phono 2 loading selector. The internal design is modular, with plug-in circuit boards. This is a beautiful looking and sounding amp.

From Sansui:

The AU-999 is the most advanced professional control amplifier ever manufactured by Sansui.

Designed specifically for the ardent audiophile, it features the refined dull black panels common to all AU series professional control amplifiers from Sansui.

The pre-amplifier section is constructed of carefully selected low-noise PNP silicon transistors, while the power amplifier section features direct-coupled circuits specially developed with the improvement of tonal quality in mind.

The AU-999 is lavishly endowed with accessory circuits.

These include a tone selector circuit, an improved form of the triple tone control circuit that offers a choice in selecting the critical frequencies of tone control; a speaker selector which permits connecting three sets of speaker systems; a balance check switch which simplifies the job of adjusting for optimum balance of the right and left channel sound volumes; facilities to connect two phonographs and two tape decks, and a tape reprint circuit.

Special provisions have also been made to permit the amplifier to be built up into an electronic crossover stereo system and permit comparing such a system with a standard stereo set-up.



Speakers: Off, A, B, A+B, C (pre-out/main-in separated)
Bass: -8/+12
Midrange: -/+
Treble: -8/+12

Balance Check
Midrange: Defeat/1kHz/2kHz
Treble: Defeat/6kHz/3kHz
Low Filter: On/Off
High Filter:
Muting: Off/-20dB
Tape Copy: Tuner, Off, Source, 1>2, 2>1
Tape Monitor: Source, Tape 1, Tape
Input Selector:
Mic, Phono 1, Phono 2, Aux



Rear Panel:

Pre-Out/Main-In (L, R)
Phono 1 (L, R)
Phono 2 (L, R)
Tuner (L, R)
Aux (L, R)
Tape 1 Record (L, R, DIN)
Tape 1 Play (L, R, DIN)
Tape 2 Record (L, R)
Tape 2 Play (L, R)
Mic (L, R)
AC Outlet Unswitched (3)
AC Outlet Switched (2)
Speaker System A (L, R)
Speaker System B (L, R)
Speaker System C (L, R)
Phono 2 Pickup Load:
100k, 50k, 30k
Phono 1 Level
Phono 2 Level
Aux Level

Shipping Weight 42 lbs.



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