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Sansui model QS-500 Quadraphonic Synthesizer/Decoder and Rear Channel Amplifier in very good condition. This device allows you to play quadraphonic encoded source material as well as synthesizing quadraphonic sound from any source. Use it with your exisitng two channel receiver (any brand). All you need is a second set of speakers for the rear channels.

It provides 30 watts RMS into 8 ohms or 40 watts RMS into 4 ohms per channel for the rear speakers. Can also be used as a stand-alone 30 watt stereo amplifier. It is in excelent condition and has been serviced. Our original Performance Verification Report and copy of the owner's/service manual included.

From Sansui:

An instrument that heralds the new age of 4 channel stereo sound, the QS-500 converts your present collection of 2 channel stereo records and tapes, as well as FM stereo broadcasts, into 4 channels.

In addition, working in the capacity of a 4 channel decoder, it restores any encoded 4 channel material to its original full-fledged 4 channel status.

Simply add the QS-500 to your present 2 channel stereo system along with a second pair of speaker systems, and you'll instantly have a 4 channel stereo system to fill your room with the vibrant atmosphere of live performances with all their delicate nuances.




Rear Speakers: Off, System A, System B, System
Rear Volume
Level Set:
Front Balance
Main Balance
Rear Balance


Function: 2 Channel, Concert Hall 1, Concert Hall 2, Surround Normal, Surround Right Quarter Turn, Surround Half Turn,
Tape Monitor 4 Channel:
Tape Monitor 2 Channel: Source/


Left Front Level VU
Right Front Level VU
Left Rear Level VU
Right Rear Level VU

Rear Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched
AC Outlet Switched
Front Amp From Rec Out (L, R)
Front Amp To Tape Mon (L, R)
Tape Monitor 2-CH Rec (L, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 2-CH Mon (L, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 4-CH Rec (L, R, F, R, DIN)
Tape Monitor 4-CH Mon (L, R, F, R, DIN)
Speakers A (L, R)
Speakers B (L, R)

Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.



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